Windshield Repair Houston
We repair windshields in Houston that other shop can't!

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View different types of damages, see what can be repaired and how to repair automobiles in this free video. Witness auto repairs. SEE-WINDSHIELD-ROCK-CHIP-REPAIR-DEMONSTRATION.mp4


Witness the windshield repairman in action working with his favorite tools. Watch a live performance and see how process is COMPLETED!

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A quick auto glass shop video : Original was created with a camera; then copied to a note book computer and reedited and converted to a mobile phone video; then uploaded to through a mobile internet connection by a free you tube app on the G1 T-Mobile Android Cellular Phone. Products used: LR Resinator QT pump with holding device; LR 18 inch ultraviolet curing lamp; 2 drops of Liquid Resins White Cap resin; an inspection mirror; Windex, paper towels, curing tab, razor blade and of course a windshield with a big rock chip. Location of Production: 8903 Westheimer, Houston, TX 77063.

Produced and Directed by Clint Norris.


"The original video was cut down from just over 5 minutes to less than 2 minutes. In this demonstration you will see vacume, pressure and real life action. As the damaged area is filled notice how the light refraction clears and seems to go away."

"With tools, training, and years of service, I have turned a repair service into an Art"

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Windshield Repair Houston

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High-Quality windshield repair in Houston
We have the knowledge and expertise to solve of all your windshield repair problems. We have repaired over 40,000 windshields and we don't mind explaining what were doing during the repair process. 
Windshield Chip Repair

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